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Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our patients is completely satisfied with their experience in our office. Our jobs are so rewarding because of the positive feedback we receive from so many of our patients. We are proud to share some of their comments with you.





We have been a long time patient of Dr. Alvarez. We have done one full set
of adult braces, one full set of child braces, and on track for another set
of child braces. They have always been very clear about our treatment plan,
and made every effort to educate us on the process, while providing
excellent care. We have experienced no problems, and are very happy with
our relationship and their service.

By Maya 













frog “I appreciate all of the concerns and expertise that went into my treatment as well as your flexible scheduling around my work hours….My great new smile will be great advertising for your wonderful office!" Jackie

frog “A++ Everyone is friendly and knowledgable… very clean and up to date.” Josette

frog “A++ We were quite happy – keep up such great standards of care!"  Ian

frog “Office visits were done in a timely manner. He also was right on target with when Ashley would get her braces off”   Ashley's mom

frog “a pleasure to have been treated by this practice” Michael

frog “We found our experience with Dr. Alvarez and the rest of the office, the very best it could be” Courtney 

frog "She is confident to show off her perfect teeth… The staff was always professional and treated my daughter well….. and there was barely any wait when we would arrive for appointments.”  Justine

frog "Dr. Alvarez is so pleasant and easy to talk with and his staff makes each visit go smoothly."  Susan

frog "I have been extremely satisfied with the work and decision throughout my daughter’s treatment… I have the highest regards to the treatment by the office staff…. Organized and well kept… Extremely satisfied with how organized the scheduling process went…The staff, facility and the treatment was outstanding. I would highly recommend Alvarez Orthodontics."  Briana

frog "very good with kids… very friendly, clean and professional, yes, very accommodating and never a problem to reschedule….." Stephanie

frog "Yes, he is a very nice and patient man….."  Victoria

frog "He has a great bedside manner. He is very kind and gentle and were very pleased with him.”  Joseph

frog "She is not afraid to smile, in fact she 'beams' now! [I would rank my daughter’s treatment} extremely high. My daughter always felt comfortable asking questions.” Tara

frog "Very friendly, straight to the point and very personable." Jasmine

frog "He is extremely thoughtful and patient with both children and parents and we are very pleased we chose him for our orthodontist… Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and patient and both my children really enjoy going to their appointments…. My children liked getting prizes for 'best Dental Hygiene' and they really liked getting to pick a handful of change after they traded in their Halloween candy.:”  Julie

frog "Nathan is very proud of his beautiful new smile and straight teeth. After all the hard work you both put into his new smile, he is very conscious of and serious about the need to take good care of his teeth! I know he really appreciates having them fixed not only for cosmetic reasons, but also because he now can chew his food normally which he was NEVER able to do. He could actually feel his teeth gradually lining up, and when they finally did, he commented on how good it felt!...We were not only very satisfied but very happy that we had Dr. Alvarez as Nathan’s orthodontist! There are many reasons why we were. Dr. Alvarez was very understanding and empathetic . . . . This made Nathan very comfortable with Dr. Alvarez because he was so kind and caring and never treated him like a number, but as someone he was sincerely interested in. He worked around our requests to please try not to pull any teeth, because of his condition and the problems it would cause Nathan. We realize that this created a challenge for Dr. Alvarez, but he willingly worked along with that request and did his very best! We had times when Nathan needed to be seen when the offices were closed, and he was always concerned and there for Nathan! One time it was right before Christmas. Wow! We were so impressed! Nathan was always commenting on how much he liked his Dr. and how nice he was! He would say, 'He’s just so nice Mom, I really like him!' This is important for Dr. Alvarez to know. Children have an unusual ability to feel and tell when someone has a genuine and sincere interest in them. We as Nathan’s parents agree, as we found him, also, to be a very humble, kind and caring person. The treatment by the staff was just as wonderful! Nathan was very comfortable with 'all' the girls who worked on him.. They all were very skilled at their job, very understanding, and always concened about the comfort of their patients. I was especially impressed with their concern with the child’s comfort during treatment . . . . I would like to compliment you all on what a great team you were and to send a 'BIG' thank you to all the girls who worked so hard on Nathan. You did a fantastic job! Everything was always clean and very well kept. Whenever there was a problem and Nathan needed to be seen right away, they were very accommodating and helpful. They were always pleasant and smiling! Not once did I ever encounter an 'attitude' problem!! All of you working together so nicely…made it such a friendly and calm atmosphere. … If we had to cancel an appointment because of illness or weather, there was never a complaint, just a kind and helpful person on the line to assist us… Always stay as wonderful as you are! Also, during Nathan’s treatment he received a letter from the Dr. telling him what a good job he was doing! It couldn’t have come at a better time. For a Dr. to take the time to encourage a child with his progress is quite unusual, and he deserves to be commended in return. Nathan felt so special and he still has his letter from Dr. Alvarez hanging in his room…" Nathan's mom 

frog "He’s kind, compassionate, and amazing at what he does!!" Yvonne

frog "I think he is very good with children. I drive a far distance to come to his office, but think he is honest and trustworthy.  … The staff is great. They are one of the most friendly doctor office staffs’ I have ever seen."  Lauren

frog "Your office staff is exceptional and service and skill unmatched. Thank you Luis!"  Mary and Rich

frog "I really like the fact that you have contests and fun things always going on and the video games are a great way to keep them busy during the short wait!"  Taylor

frog "Chelsea’s treatment was seamless and progressive, no stumbling around with treatments. Overall, we are very satisfied with the results." 

frog "I would recommend and do recommend Dr. Alvarez to friends! A ++ Perfect service and experience!"  Kelsea

frog "Total experience was excellent." Allison

frog "I was so impressed with our entire experience. I wish Mark had been your patient from the start!" 

frog "This is a very friendly place, which makes children feel good about themselves."  Ann

frog "Dr. Alvarez is a great orthodontist! And he has a wonderful personality! I enjoyed seeing the many activities/programs he/his office coordinated for his younger patients. He really shows he cares about his patients and his community. Your staff is excellent! Everyone I interacted with was very professional and pleasant – especially early in the morning! I really enjoyed my entire treatment by Dr. Alvarez and your office. I especially liked the very first appt (consultation) – your office was extremely thorough in discussing and presenting all of my options. I believe you have a wonderful and talented doctor – not to mention a great , highly-skilled staff that is able to work with people of all ages!"  Jody

frog "THE BEST! A++"

frog "STAFF: 100% great! The way they engage in conversation and remember little things about the children is really sweet, and makes a real difference. 100% clean, bright and designed to put kids at ease..the small extra things that you and your staff do (contests, letters to the child, toys and treats) really make your office a caring one. Little things really do make a difference. Thank you for making the orthodontic experience a good one.”


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