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What Sets Us Apart

At Alvarez Orthodontics, our patients are happy both with their new smiles and with the overall treatment experience.  Each one of our patients is special.  We feel it is important to make them feel comfortable to ask questions at any time.  Dr. Luis J. Alvarez is well respected for his commitment to providing the very best experience for each and every one of his patients.

Why Choose Alvarez Orthodontics?

  • Since 1997, our team here at Alvarez Orthodontics has strived for perfection in everything we do. From running all appointments on time to providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, we are committed to doing things right. Dr. Alvarez treats every patient with respect and care.
  • Our orthodontic treatments go above and beyond our patients’ expectations.  We are proud to provide quality orthodontic treatment for our patients.
  • Our office is truly family-oriented!  Kids love playing in our reception room so much that they often want to stay behind after their siblings finish their appointments!  Our staff is instrumental in helping our patients and their families feel comfortable.  We also have fun activities for our patients and families, including various contests throughout the year.

Contact our office for a complimentary consultation, and find out what Alvarez Orthodontics can do for you!

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